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Online drums for your next project!

Pearl GLX Series – classic 80’s Japanese high end drums.

Pearl GLX pictured with 20″ kick.

Pearl 9500 series GLX “SuperGripper” drums made in Japan.
USA maple 8 ply shells.

22″ x 16″ kick
16″ x 16″ floor tom
12″ x 10″ mounted tom
10″ x 8″ mounted tom
14″ x 6 1/2″ maple snare drum.
20″ x 14″ MLX kick
14″ x 14″ MLX floor tom.

This is a beautifully warm, yet punchy maple kit. Both bass drums superb for any style. Toms have the typical maple “bark” with a medium decay.

Almighty Custom drums from Sakae Rhythm Japan.

Sakae Rhythm were Yamaha’s silent partner for over 45 years. All the classic Yamaha Recording Custom drums were made in Osaka, by Sakae. They briefly made custom kits on their own. This kit was made especially for me. It took nine months to arrive. It features a maple bass drum and Hokkaido birch toms.

Bass drum – USA maple; toms – Hokkaido birch.

22″ x 16″ bass drum
16″ x 16″ floor tom
13″ x 19″ mounted tom
12″ x 8″ mounted tom
10″ x 7″ mounted tom

14″ x 5 1/2″ maple snare
14″ x 5 1/2″ nickel over brass snare

These are the best recording drums I’ve ever played in terms of punch, definition and bottom end. Birch toms for attack and maple bass drum for a solid low end. The snare drums are also outstanding.

Rogers USA Celebrity drum set – Cleveland magic!

Considered by many collectors to be the Rolls Royce of vintage drums; the Cleveland series of Rogers have a punchy woody and warm sound. Rogers pioneered double 45 degree edges, which gave the drums a more aggressive and contemporary sound than Gretsch, Slingerland or Ludwig.

Maple birch and spruce shells.

20″ x 14″ bass drum
16″ x 16″ floor tom
14″ x 14″ floor tom
12″ x 8″ mounted tom

Also : 10″ x 7″ custom made mounted tom, Vintage Maple Keller shell.

14″ x 5″ Powertone wood snare (x2)
14″ x 5″ Powertone COB snare
14″ x 5″ Dynasonic wood shell snare
14″ x 5″ Dynasonic COB shell snare

Drouyn Professional Series. Classic and rare Australian drums in time capsule condition.

Drouyn drums were made in Brisbane, from the 1940’s through until the 80’s. Early kits in this condition are very rare. This set was made from Rose Alder, a Queensland rain forest timber. With rounded bearing edges and simple shell design, the sound falls somewhere between a vintage Gretsch and Ludwig set. Completing the sonic landscape is the S100 chrome-alloy snare drum.

Rose Alder shells.

20″ x 14″ bass drum
16″ x 16″ floor tom
13″ x 9″ mounted tom

14″ x 5″ chrome over alloy snare drum.